Over the years we’ve learned that no amount of technology can replace the human touch; therefore we give you the best possible customer service with our team of staff. At Vista Print we are team with strong work ethics, each playing its important part to our company. We train our staff to work with the evolving technology together with organizational and interpersonal skills. Our staff works round the clock under tight schedules to meet your needs.

Our Graphic Designer team provides to you a wide range of options in creating the designs you would want. Their work demands creative flair and up-to-date knowledge of software.
They contribute ideas and designs, interpreting the customer need to develop a concept to suit their purpose. They demonstrate their skills through sketches, artworks and layouts using the emerging programming technology. Thoroughly proofreading clients work before being sent ahead for printing.

The hardworking staff of Operators for our heavy printing machinery. They are responsible for the installation, maintenance and the printing itself. Their job starts from preparing plates, pressing inks, adjusting the machine and loading the paper to be set for printing. Our operators carefully look for imperfections during printing to avoid unnecessary errors. Getting the printing done on time, using our high pitched machines to provide you with the best.

Our Packaging department at Vista Print includes a number of hardworking local staff. Providing a helping hand to each other and working as a team to give the finishing touches to your final products. Their job includes cutting paper in right sizes, folding, binding, pinning, gluing, numbering and cross checking the final description of assembling a client’s work and finally packaging your work.